SpecterIR Thermal rifle Sight

Compact affordable FLIR Scopes

Thermal weapon rifle sights designed specifically for homeland security, police and security professionals. SpecterIR uses heat imaging technology previously only available for military applications and offers true “see in-the-dark” infrared capability. Intended for hand-held or weapon mounted use, this simple-to-operate passive infrared sight can see what the human eye cannot. Darkness, rain, fog, dust and smoke are rendered transparent to the SpecterIR thermal sight. ELCAN developed this new, affordable infrared rifle sight specifically in response to the growing need for civil defense and 911 emergencies. With the new SpecterIR thermal scope, law enforcement agencies, security professionals and search & rescue responders have a powerful new tool in protection of the nation’s people, resources, and public facilities. Developed to the same demanding standards employed on ELCAN optical and image intensified sights that are deployed with military forces all over the world, SpecterIR is a rugged, shock and water resistant, infrared targeting system. 

Ideal for predator hunting, feral hog hunting, security & law enforcement application

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The spectorIR is a sleek thermal rifle scope that uses FLIR sight technology. We have used, demo and refurbished/recondition thermal
rifle scopes available at discounted pricing.
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It enables the detection and acquisition of moving man sized objects up to 500 meters and beyond. Unlike image intensified night vision devices, The SpectrIR thermal rifle scope easily detects targets from the surroundings based on their heat signature. In "high-risk" security applications (Nuclear Plants, Oil Refineries and Pipelines, Water Treatment Plants, Port Authorities, Penitentiary Facilities), government law enforcement agencies can more effectively locate, identify and neutralize hostile threats with reduced risk.

The SpecterIR thermal FLIR IR scope features a video output port for an external CRT or video recorder. This makes SpecterIR FLIR scope ideal for extended threat detection missions, surveillance or for real-time instruction. The optional Command RF Link system is available for remote viewing applications. This wireless video feature is critical for team coordination and video communications to command authorities. 

The sight uses 3 standard AA Li Batteries widely available in many retail outlets

Standard RCA jack video output port for live remote / onsite image view / capture

Thermal IR Human image in Black = Hot mode with crosshair reticule at mid-section

User Adjustable Windage & Elevation sighting functions assure accurate on-target precision

The ELCAN mount uses the MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail (standard weaver with cross-slots) providing compatibility to a wide range of weapons such as the AR15, M4, M16, HK53, MP5 and others. As an integrated component of the next generation of advanced observation and civil defense requirements, the SpecterIR FLIR sight exemplifies the commitment to ongoing product development and optical excellence at ELCAN Optical FLIR Technologies.


NEDT < 0.1° C
Field of View 6.4 (V) x 8.6 (H) degrees
Magnification 2.5X 
Operating Temp. Range -10° C to 60° C
Optics Coated Germanium F1.0 
 Focus Range 3 m to infinity
Individual Eye Correction Dioptor Ajustment
Range to acquire moving man >500 meters
Continuous Operating Time > 6 hours @ 25° C
Internal power 3 Lithium ion AA batteries
External power Optional
Initial Start-up Time < 10 seconds
Spectral Response 7.5 to 12.5 microns
Polarity Control White Hot / Black Hot
Gain / Level Fully Automatic
Rail Mount MIL-STD-1913
Picatinny Rail, (standard weaver with cross -slots)
Video Out Monochrome SMPTE-170M
(NTSC compatible) RCA
Wireless Video Link Optional - command FLIR
Weight (w/Batteries) < 3.0 lbs (1.36 kg)
Size (inches)
13.25 (L) x 3.0 (W) x 3.8 (H)
33.65 (L) x 7.62 (W) x 9.65 (H)
Exterior Shock Resistant, Water Resistant

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